About the Can Container

Can-Cans are available in a wide range of optional colours including Red, Blue,Green,Grey & Yellow. Special orders can be undertaken to offer custom graphics The Model 200 has the capacity to store approximately 200 cans.

The Can-Cans will fit through standard doorways, allowing them to be sited in Offices, Canteens, Shcools, Sports & Recreation Centres – In fact, anywhere canned drinks are used or sold.

Can-Cans have lift off lids for ease of emptying or replacing the large polybag liners which will retain residue from cans – the smothe surfaces easily wipe clean.

Why Choose the Can Container?

Clean & Easy storage of used cans

Ideal for schools

Perfect for gyms and sports recreational centres

Can be customised to put advertising or company logos

Does not take up much space

Available in many colours

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