Double Line Mussel Floats


About Double Line Mussel Floats

Double Line System

JFC Marine has a range of Double Line Float options from 80 litres up to 400 litres.

In order to help grow your mussel crop our floats offer several distinct advantages. The oval shape design reduces the impact on the float from the ocean during rough seas, which in turn reduces the loss of crop from your lines.

The design ensures that JFC Marine floats have a low profile in the water, causing limited vertical motion and consequently reduces stress on the mussels. All of these factors culminate in significantly increased yields over a shorter time period for the mussel farmer.
Our float handles are offset from the centre of the float. The purpose of this is so that your head line will be submerged using only 25% of the float’s floatation compared to others amounting to 50% floats of the float’s floatation.

A unique patented fin design also reduces the movement of the float in the water making the line more stable even in rough sea conditions. This in turn, reduces the loss of mussel crop on long lines.

For ease of handling, the mooring eyes are strong and durable with both a long and wide opening.
This increases the lashing area for the head line and reduces the risk of wear and tear on your head line rope.

Our floats are manufactured in a marine grey colour which reduces the visual impact to surrounding environment. The polyethylene used is fortified with UV stabilisers designed especially for marine applications.

Why choose Double Line Mussel Floats

Increased yields and better crop performance maximising profits

Strong and durable mooring eyes

Offset Mooring eyes (25% Floatation)

Optional foamed filling for deep waters

UV stabilised polyethylene

Unique stabilisation fin

Large mooring eyes (handling and increase lashings)

100% Recyclable

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