JFC1500 AD

JFC1500 AD

About the JFC1500 AD

The optimal solution for storage and distribution of AdBlue is the JFC AdBlue range of tanks. Our HDPE tanks are designed to withstand corrosion and all weather conditions.

With our bunded tank option we can o er an insulated inner tank with Automatically Controlled Heating & Cooling system. This makes the JFC AdBlue tanks perfect for storing AdBlue in countries where extreme weather conditions exist.

All parts and fittings of the distribution system used in the JFC AdBlue tanks are chemical resistant, providing a long term and safe storage solution for many years.

* Membrane/Submersible pump 40 l/min
* Delivery hose 3/4”, 6m length,
* Automatic nozzle
* Electronic flow meter K24 AdBlue

Why Choose the JFC1500 AD

Quick return of investment costs

Delivery hose 3/4" 6m length

Optional DDC coupling installed on the inner tank

Membrane / Submersible pump 40 l/min

Optional PU foam insulation on the inner tank, with heating cable and thermostats (For cold or Hot climates)

Safe storage of AdBlue on site

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