About the WWT-01

The standard product consists of Tank with a capacity of over 2000l, revision of WWT-R * and the lid of the WWT-L. The inflow to Tanka can be made with a sewer pipe with a diameter of 110 or 160 mm.

It is produced as a monolithic polyethylene by rotational molding, thus providing impermeability of water and sewage, mechanical resistance to soil load, decompression, impact and resistance to aggressive substances in sewage, temperature changes and full stability in the ground.

Additionally, thanks to the ribbed structure, they are characterized by high structural strength confirmed at the Institute of Building Technology. The dimensions of the Tank allow its assembly on small plots. In addition, the assembly thanks to the light weight and the handles is faster, easier and safer, i.e. possible without the use of heavy and expensive cranes, and the top with the lid allows free height adjustment thanks to the revision. They are an ideal solution for use as pumping wells, water meter shafts, drainless tanks.

Why Choose the WWT-01

Ideal solution for use as water storage units

Can be used as water meter wells or holding tanks

Non fracturing and cracking

Use as Domestic or Commercial inspection manholes

Rotationally moulded from a Strong Durable grade polyethylene

Strong, light and easy to install

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