Rainwater Harvesting Tank 3000L

3000L Rainwater Harvesting Tank

About the 3000L Rainwater Harvesting Tank

The product consists of a Tank with a capacity of over 3000l, a telescopic riser with secure plastic covers The inlet to the tank can be a standard diameter of 110 or 160 mm pipe.

The design of the riser allows for easy adjustment when installing, accommodating the differences between the terrain level and the buried tank. The tanks are produced from a Rotomoulded medium density polyethylene, giving it excellent strength for storing water while keeping a good mechanical resistance to soil load, decompression, impact and resistance to temperature changes.

Additionally, thanks to the ribbed construction, they are characterized by high structural strength. The dimensions of the Tank allow its assembly on small plots. In addition, the installation due to light weight is possible without the use of heavy and expensive cranes.

Why Choose 3000L Rainwater Harvesting Tank?

Can be buried underground so no taking up space around your house or garden

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